Garments are sized by suppliers and size charts are available, linked, on the product page. Please note that individual garments may vary from the size charts. We are not able to process refunds for garments that do not fit based on expectations.

Artwork size and positioning cannot be guaranteed. We will endeavor to use artwork sized as supplied, but we may resize or reposition artwork to fit within our normal production parameters.

Please see our standard print size guideline below:

  • Front Left or Right Chest: 3-4" wide
  • Front Standard: 10-12" wide
  • Back Standard 10"-12 wide
  • Sleeve Prints: 3.5" - 5" wide
  • Hats: 3-5" wide

Refunds will not be provided for artwork sizes that fall within our standard parameters regardless of the size of the mock-up you have created in the design studio