Speed, Service, Quality, and Selection. We go above and beyond for our clients. We make sure everything is done right, while most of the competition won’t even answer their calls or emails. Most DTG & DTF places use level 3 ink. We use level 5 ink. Most places use cheap Chinese Vinyl, but we use the best quality German Turbo Vinyl. We offer hundreds of items, yet most other places carry just a handful. Most places take days or weeks to produce an order, yet we take a fraction of the time. We have a very fair pricing system where we offer online bulk pricing starting at 5 items, where most places have no bulk pricing at all. Our Google rating is 4.9 stars (with thousands of reviews), yet others barely have 3.9 stars and most of their reviews are fake.

Yes we do. This is our specialty. We will do everything in our power to prepare your order before your due date. We are very fast. We are the fastest. Just  make sure that you use our online website to place your order and that you choose the items that we print in store. Please choose items printed by InstaCustoms.

We are the only company that actually lists our production times for every single product we sell. No one else does this. There are always exceptions due to so many variables, (volume, holidays season, inventory levels, etc…) but for the vast majority of the time we are always on time.

Much faster. We are the quickest in the market. If it’s an order of 5 items or more, we’ll do our best to do it during the day. For bigger orders, we will work to get your order ready within 1 or 3 days! Some items may take longer as we need to account for things that are out of our control, but we usually have orders done in 24 hours.


Combine and Save Bulk Pricing is only available with online orders. We do NOT offer bulk pricing for in store (on the spot) retail purchases so please use our website to get bulk pricing!! At InstaCustoms we believe that the more you purchase online, the better the online price should be. This is why we have 8 pricing categories: 1-4 total items, 5-9 total items, 10-24 total items, 25-49 total items, 50-99 total items, 100-199 total items, and finally 200+ total items. You can have 200 different colours, sizes, items, designs... We don’t care! As long as the order is placed at the same time. We will combine all the items regardless of how different they are. We don’t care if all the items are different. Most other places don’t do this. We are the ONLY place that offers this Combine and Save pricing system.

We want to encourage people to use our online website. We have purposefully designed our website so it’s easy to use. When someone comes into the shop to make an order, this requires us to have someone on staff who will serve this person right away. This is incredibly inefficient, especially when this same client can easily make this order online. When someone places an order online we’re able to start the order right away without having to set anything up. We need to make sure that everyone who wants bulk pricing uses our online website to place their orders. If someone insists on coming into the shop and being served in person and on the spot, then retail pricing will be used.

Printing Methods

We offer 4 different types of printing methods Direct to Garment (DTG), Direct to Film (DTF), Vinyl, and Embroidery.

In order to determine what is the best printing method, we need to evaluate 4 variables: The type of design, the type of fabric, the colour of the fabric, and the placement of the design. Based on these 4 variables, we can then determine what is the best printing method for your job. InstaCustoms offers Direct to Garment (DTG), Direct to Film (DTF), Embroidery, and German Turbo Vinyl, which gives us so much more flexibility (compared to anyone else) so we’re able to adapt to any type of design and provide you the best results. Most other print shops specialise in 1 or 2 methods. We have 4 methods. You should be very confident that you’re always getting the best results.

DTG stands for Direct to Garment. DTG is a type of printing method that prints DTG ink directly into your garment, which results in an amazing breathable printed shirt. DTG is especially great on thin fabrics that need to breathe, such as t-shirts. DTG is great when you need to print images, pictures, graphics, fades, many colours, or small details. DTG printing is especially recommended for T-shirts because no matter how big the design will be, the printing will not affect how the shirt breathes. The print will not block the air and will make the shirt comfortable to wear. The only negative about DTG printing is that there might be a slight glue base that’s required for the DTG printing to adhere to the fabric. This glue base might have a slightly odd texture on the shirt, but it usually washes off after a few washes. DTG printing is best when done on 100% cotton. The minimum amount of cotton required for DTG is 50%, but the more cotton, the better. The durability of DTG is also very impressive. For longer lasting results always wash your shirts inside out and in cold water. InstaCustoms only uses level 5 ink (out of 6 levels) so that the images are of amazing quality. Most, (if not all) of our DTG competitors use level 2 or 3 ink so that each print is much cheaper and faster to produce. Be careful of the competition.

DTF stands for Direct to Film. DTF is a type of printing method that prints your design on a special film. Once the design is printed onto this film, we then heat press the design onto your garment by pressing the design onto the shirt. The DTF design sits on top of the garment. One of the negatives of DTF printing is that the print doesn’t “breathe” as well compared to DTG printing because the “finish” sits on top of the shirt and is thicker compared to DTG. DTF printing is NOT recommended for t-shirts because the print doesn’t allow the t-shirt to breathe as much. This is not an issue with fleece fabrics (hoodies, sweatshirts, etc..) because the thicker fabric doesn’t really make a difference for the “breathability” compared to t-shirts. DTF is especially great because the print sits on top of the fabric, thus making it so much more vibrant compared to DTG. The DTF film might have a slight “rubbery” feel to it so it’s not ideal for t-shirts, but for fleece it won’t matter as much. The durability of DTF is also very impressive. For longer lasting results always wash your shirts inside out and in cold water. InstaCustoms only uses level 5 ink (out of 6 levels) so that the images are of amazing quality. Most, (if not all) of our DTF competitors use level 2 or 3 ink so that each print is much cheaper and faster to produce. Be careful of the competition.

Vinyl is a flexible plastic coloured sheet. We only use German Turbo Vinyl which is (by far) the best quality vinyl on the market. Most, (if not all) of our competitors use cheap thick Chinese vinyl that'll crack and peel after a few washes. Vinyl only comes in solid colours so you might need to compromise on the colours you had in mind based on what colours we have at our disposal. Vinyl is especially good when you just want simple letters, numbers, or a simple design. Vinyl is ok, but it has its limitations. When we get an order with just letters or numbers, we always use vinyl because DTG or DTF is just overkill for such simple designs. Vinyl is pressed onto the shirt so it sits on top of the fabric, which results in a more vibrant finish compared to DTG or even DTF. For vibrancy, vinyl is your best option, followed (very closely) by DTF, and then DTG. If you’re looking for vibrancy then German Turbo Vinyl is your best option.

Embroidery is when we stitch your design into a fabric. The most common embroidery jobs are for hats, polo shirts or pocket logos. Embroidery is difficult, and time consuming, but embroidery is by far the most impressive type of printing. Embroidery has its limitations, and needs to be super simple for it to be possible. The designs must have no fades or small tiny details. For embroidery to have great results then 95% of the success (results) is due to the “digitizing” process. This step (digitizing) is BY FAR the most crucial step in the entire process. You can have the best type of clothing, or use the most expensive embroidery machine, but if the digitizing isn't done properly, then it won’t make a difference. Digitizing is when you take the logo and convert it into a “DST file”. This digitizing (DST) process allows the embroidery machine to understand how to properly stitch the design into your garment. Think of it as a roadmap with directions and detailed instructions on how and where the embroidery machine should stitch. If the person who prepared the DST file gives bad directions or instructions to the embroidery machine then the results will be bad, no matter what. This is why it’s so important to make sure that the digitizing is done by professionals. Most places use cheap online digitizing programs with horrible results. We use a local digitizing agency based in Quebec. They’re expensive, but they’re by far the best we’ve ever used. We can easily use a cheap online foreign company, but the results won’t be as good. Embroidery has longer production times because it usually takes 1-2 days to get back the DST file from our digitizing company. All our embroidery prices include the cost of the digitizing (DST) so there’s no need to pay extra. Most of our competitors have their digitizing fees hidden and will always display this fee at the end so be careful when comparing our services and prices. When shopping for embroidery always be very careful of hidden fees, and the digitizing. Most places show you the prices without the digitizing fees so when you’re shopping around always be careful of this.

InstaCustoms does NOT use transfer paper but we need to warn you anyway because transfer paper printers are a HUGE problem in the industry. Transfer paper is what most print shops use when they don’t use Direct to Garment or Direct to Film. Most of these places will never tell you that they use transfer paper, so be very careful. They’ll usually print the shirts when it’s out of your sight, so be careful. Transfer paper is quite simply the worst type of printing method, so please do not waste your money. Be careful. Transfer paper is a sheet of “special” paper that is printed on a home printer. Once this sheet is printed, they then press the transfer paper onto your shirt. This “paper” will make it feel like you’re wearing a garbage bag on your shirt. When you wash it, it’ll instantly crack, peel, and fade.. Please be very careful. Don’t accept this printing method even if they offer it for free.

InstaCustoms does NOT use silk screening, but we want to educate our clients anyways. Silk screening is a very good quality printing method for big orders that have very simple designs. A “screen” refers to the part of the design that has a certain colour. If you have a simple design that has, for example, 3 different colours, then your job will require 3 screens. The more screens your job has, the more expensive the job will cost. Setting up and cleaning each “screen” (after the job is done) takes hours, so this is why most silk screening places have a minimum of 100 items per silk screening order. The ink that they use is very thick, (it’s more like paint) so the vibrancy is quite good. As for durability, the designs start fading and cracking much faster compared to DTG, DTF, or our German Turbo Vinyl. If you have a very simple design that’s more than 100 items and your deadline isn’t rushed, then your best bet is probably silk screening. Silk screening is a lot less expensive than DTG, DTF, or Vinyl printing because they’re able to produce hundreds of shirts per hour compared to DTG or DTF. Silk screening has many limitations in terms of designs, but for cost efficiency it’s the best option. InstaCustoms will eventually get into the silk screening business one day, but for now we do not offer this printing option.

Shipping / Pick up

We offer free shipping to anywhere in Canada if the purchase is over $100 (before taxes). For all orders under $100 (before taxes) we only charge a flat rate of $10.99. We use Purolator who only pick up and deliver from Mon to Fri. We will provide you with the Purolator tracking number once your order has been manifested. We ship from Montreal, so for delivery in Quebec and Ontario is usually 1-2 business days, Maritimes, Alberta and the Prairies is 1-3 business days, British Columbia is 2-5 business days, and the Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut  is 3-7 business days. Please be aware that in certain situations Purolator charges a lot more for deliveries to remote locations and in some cases they just don't deliver at all. In this case, we will call the client to discuss the extra shipping fees and discuss various options. If the client decides to not proceed with the order (based on extra shipping costs) then we will just cancel the order and refund the client right away. 

For only $5.99 more you can decide to insure your shipment. This means that Purolator will NOT deliver your package without a signature. If you choose this option, then the chances of your package being stolen or lost dramatically decreases. If you decide to NOT choose this option, and your package is stolen (or lost), then we can not help you. We will not redo or refund a package if you did not get insurance. 

We are open 7-days per week, so you can always choose to pick up your package from our shop located at 1461 Stanley, Montreal, Qc, H3A 1P4. 

We’re open 7 days per week. 

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 8:45 pm

Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am - 5:45 pm


We accept most format files at InstaCustoms, but the best one for us is:

 .png because the .png file is used for its transparent backgrounds and because it is easy to use for the web. 

 .jpg is a similar format to .png but it doesn’t support a transparent background. It will immediately put a white background. 

.ai format comes directly from the illustrator software which is a file format developed by Adobe to represent vectorial drawing. 

.psd format comes directly from the photoshop software. 

.eps format is a file used to transfer an image of vector illustration from software to software and adapts to all sizes. 

If you do not know how to do this we can certainly help.

No we do not. If you upload a trademarked file, you accept all responsibility.

Absolutely, you could bring your own items for us to print on!! Please refer to the Print on Your Own Clothes tab for pricing.

Our mugs are scratch proof and fade proof (except for the water bottles, tumblers, and steel mugs). The competition sells cheap mugs that will fade once put in a dishwasher or will scratch when not handled properly. This is a huge difference because our mugs will NEVER fade or scratch.

Unfortunately no. The mugs need to be specially coated in order to be printable. This means that you can’t print on a mug you’ll find in your kitchen cupboard or from another store. Our mugs have all been treated with a special coating.

We’re open 7 days per week. 

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 8:45 pm

Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am - 5:45 pm

We are located Downtown Montreal,Quebec, Canada 1461 Stanley, H3A 1P4 (inside Peel Metro Station)

We are the highest rated print shop in all of Canada.

We’re rated 4.9 Stars on Google with thousands of reviews.

We guarantee your satisfaction. You can't find a better place to print your designs! Our competitors don’t even have a fraction of our reviews and ratings. We have the best reviews because we offer the best quality printing and products with the best customer service. We treat all orders as if it were our own personal order. We treat every order as if it’s our order. To make a long story short we treat every customer the exact same way we would want to be treated ourselves. All our employees are trained to operate all the necessary machinery and are willing to honestly answer the client’s questions and are ready to offer the best advice. We take care of your order as if it was for our own loved ones.

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