Who is Simon SIGNS?

Simon SIGNS is a company we are lucky enough to work with out of Ontario. They offer products we don’t carry. Our collaboration with Simon DTG allows our clients to have a much better selection, and lower prices. They’re able to provide lower prices because they have industrial printing machines that we do not have. Please be aware that they only print using DTG, so their machines are different from ours. They don’t use DTF or Vinyl. They only use DTG. Please do not expect the same exact results when ordering from them, and vice versa. They have different products, machines, print methods, print areas, ink levels, standards, and production times compared to InstaCustoms. If you order an item from Simon DTG please do not expect the same speed as if you order from us directly. This is why we offer their items at a much lower cost. If you want lower prices and are willing to wait up to 2 weeks, then this is a great option. If you’re in a rush, and need your items fast, then we’re here to help you as well. Either way, we’ve got you covered.


Direct to Garment (DTG) 


  1. Recommended for thin cotton fabrics like t-shirts, tank tops, etc…
  2. Works best when the shirts are 100% cotton
  3. Unlimited design colours with no design limitations on what can be printed
  4. Perfect for colourful images, pictures, or any design that has lots of details
  5. Perfect for designs that have fades
  6. Breathable prints since the ink is printed directly into the garment
  7. Durability



  1. Vibrancy: Since the ink is printed directly into the garment this might affect the vibrancy
  2. Only works with cotton fabrics (minimum of 50% cotton)
  3. When less than 100% cotton then the vibrancy and results are affected
  4. The glue base might slightly affect the feel but it should wash off eventually
  5. The glue base might slightly discolour the fabric and should fade after washings
  6. Not great for pocket logos
  7. Not great for sleeve logos