Q: How come in the Print on Your Own Clothes category you do not ask for the exact brand that I am interested in bringing to you to print on?

Ans: Don’t worry about it. Just choose the type of product that you will be bringing us and don’t worry about the rest. It is impossible to have us upload every single type of brand, fabric cut, and shape of every single item that exists. Our Print On Your Own Clothing feature is just a way to have you upload your order onto a generic type of item that is most similar to what you will be bringing us. Don’t worry about this step, since it’s just to give us an idea of what you will be bringing us. The exact details will be taken care of only once we have the actual items in our hands.

Q: How come I do not see the exact same colour of my product that I will be bringing in to print with you?

Ans: Please choose a colour that is the most similar. Don’t worry about this step. It is impossible to upload every single colour that is available. We have uploaded all the most common colours so if you do not see the exact same colour then please use a color that is most similar. Please be aware that we will always call you and make sure we communicate any questions we might have. Once you place the order we will make sure to match your product with the actual colour we have in our hands. Just try and choose the most similar colour and we will take care of the rest.

Q: I have a very uncommon type of product which I want to print on. Can you print on these types of very uncommon products?

Ans: 95% of the time the answer is YES!!. Please call us, or just come into the shop (if possible) and I'm sure we can figure something out.

Q: What if the item(s) that I want to print on has a certain type of fabric that is uncommon?

Ans: We have many types of printing machines and lots of experience. We specialize in 4 methods: Direct to Garment (DTG), Direct to Film (DTF), Vinyl, and Embroidery. There’s not much we can’t do.

Q: I am interested in printing on an area (placement) of my clothing that your website won’t allow me to upload my design onto. What do i do?

Ans: If you want to print on a very irregular placement then it’s best to call (or visit) the shop so we can discuss this issue. We will always try and accommodate whatever you wish, so don’t worry. Call or visit us.

Q: Can I ship my clothing to your location so that you can print on them?

Ans: You can only ship us your clothing (at your expense) only once you have fully paid for your order. Do NOT ship us anything without full payment. You must write your name and order number with the package.

Q: Am I able to upload different designs and logos on many different clothing items?

Ans: Yes, you can upload as many designs and logos on your clothing as long as you properly upload your order on our website so that we will know which designs go on which items.

Q: What type of printing method will you choose to print with? What if I specifically want a certain type of printing method?

Ans: We will always choose the best type of printing method based on many variables (fabric, design, placement, etc…) but if you insist on a specific type of printing method then it is your responsibility to call us.