Image Guidelines

File Requirements

  • We highly recommend submitting your embroidery graphics as raster graphics (PNG) with a resolution of at least 300 DPI.

  • Do not include photographic images, gradients, fade or blend effects. Elements like these cannot be embroidered.

  • Graphics should include transparent backgrounds.

  • If your graphic covers a very large part of the embroidery area, it may exceed the maximum limit of 15,000 stitches. In such case, your order will be put on hold and you will be contacted.

  • HAT Stitch Area 4" Wide x 1.75" Tall

  • Minimum thickness for shapes: 0.05" (1.3 mm)

  • Minimum height for lowercase letters: 0.25" (6.4 mm)

  • Minimum height for uppercase letters: 0.3" (7.6 mm)

  • Any text smaller than 0.25" (6.4 mm) in height will be a run stitch


Design Requirements

Embroidery is not printing, so most designs that work on other products would not be suitable for embroidery. Clean designs with bold lines and text work best for embroidery. If your design is too complex (e.g. contains gradients or intricate details), your design will be rejected.


Common Reasons for Rejection

Text is too small lines are too thin

Avoid using very small letters because the embroidered text may not be legible. Keep the text at least 0.25" in height and at least 0.05" thick. 0.25" is equivalent to approximately 36pt, and in most cases the letters will also have the necessary thickness, but this depends on the font. We recommend using simple fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Myriad Pro.



Text Cut-Outs or Negative Spaces

When possible please avoid sending us an image with small details or text that are in negative space. To avoid this issue please fill the negative space with a solid color.



We can only embroider solid shapes and colors. We cannot accept gradients because this requires a complex transition from one color thread to another. You will need to convert gradients into a one-color graphic, and split multiple-color gradients into solid colors.

Photographic images

It is not possible to embroider photographic images as they are. Photographic images need to be recreated to include solid shapes and colors.


Too much detail

Clean designs with shapes, bold lines and text work best for embroidery. If your design is too complex and contains too much detail, we will not be able to digitize your design with satisfactory results (e.g. when details are smaller than 0.05" or if detail elements are too close to one another). Your design will be rejected.


Please avoid Thin border lines around text or Graphics

Keep your text and images simple, adding a border around them will cause misalignment, therefore we highly recommend that you do not use thin borders to outline your text or images. Keep your text large, bold and readable.