Direct to Garment (DTG) is BY FAR the BEST printing method. 

Nothing compares. InstaCustoms is the ONLY printing business that offers DTG on ALL clothing colours at no extra cost. 

Beware of the competition!

DTG stands for Direct to Garment. DTG is a type of printing method that prints DTG ink directly into your garment, which results in an amazing breathable printed shirt.

DTG is especially great on thin fabrics that need to breathe, such as t-shirts. DTG is great when you need to print images, pictures, graphics, fades, many colours, or small details. DTG printing is especially recommended for T-shirts because no matter how big the design will be, the printing will not affect how the shirt breathes. The print will not block the air and will make the shirt comfortable to wear. The only negative about DTG printing is that there might be a slight glue base that’s required for the DTG printing to adhere to the fabric. This glue base might have a slightly odd texture on the shirt, but it usually washes off after a few washes.

DTG printing is best when done on 100% cotton. The minimum amount of cotton required for DTG is 50%, but the more cotton, the better. The durability of DTG is also very impressive. For longer lasting results always wash your shirts inside out and in cold water. InstaCustoms only uses level 5 ink (out of 6 levels) so that the images are of amazing quality. Most, (if not all) of our DTG competitors use level 2 or 3 ink so that each print is much cheaper and faster to produce. Be careful of the competition.