Frequently Asked Questions

What is DTG printing?

DTG printing (Direct to Garment) is the best type of printing method for clothing. It deposits special ink directly into the item. No one else in Montreal offers DTG printing! Unlike other printing methods, such as silk screening or vinyl there are no limitations as to what you can do with DTG printing. This allows us to print any type of design onto your shirts. Our competitors cannot offer what we can offer. With our state of the art and very expensive DTG machines, we can do what others can’t. This is the best quality printing method available in the industry. DTG (Direct to Garment) is without a doubt the best method to print on clothing. Since this is a digital process, the print is sharper and has a higher resolution, or DPI, than traditional printing methods such as screen printing. Unlike screen printing (which is vastly inferior to DTG), DTG has the ability to print just one single shirt for minimal cost. DTG has a stronger bond between garment fibers pigmented inks, resulting in longer lasting prints and a better durability. The customer acknowledges that DTG (Direct to Garment) is best printed on garments with a composition of 100% cotton. If the customer chooses any items that is not 100% cotton, such as the Gildan hoodies, the customer understands and agrees to have a print that is not as vibrant as it would on 100% cotton garments.

Do any of your competitors offer DTG?

Almost all of our competition does NOT offer DTG because it’s an extremely expensive machine to purchase and then it’s also a very expensive machine to print with and operate. We at InstaCustoms have 4 DTG machines so we are able to print small items for all types of orders, big or small.

A few of your competitors that do offer DTG (Direct to Garment) printing only offer it as long as they print on white fabrics. Why?

They only offer it on white because in order to print on darker fabrics, it costs 3 to 4 times more per print. We at InstaCustoms do not care on what colour fabric you want to print on- we can do it.

What type of printing methods or printing materials do your competitors use?

Most of our competition does NOT offer DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. They are therefore forced to use what’s called “Transfer Paper”. This method is so horrible that quite honestly, it’s not worth paying even $1 for. It’s so bad that you’ll end up with this plastic paper that’s pressed onto your shirt. The shirt will feel like you have this giant garbage bag on it. It will look and feel like garbage. After the first wash it will start to fade and crack. It’s so bad that these merchants should be embarrassed selling it. It’s by far the worst printing method. It’s not even worth getting the shirts for free so PLEASE being careful. We at InstaCustoms would prefer to close our business than to sell that garbage. Only accept DTG and nothing less

What type of Vinyl do your Competitors sell?

Almost everyone in Montreal uses 3 type of Vinyls: The best type of vinyl is called Turbo Vinyl. We at InstaCustoms only use Turbo Vinyl (when we don’t use DTG). Turbo Vinyl costs us almost triple more expensive to buy compared to other vinyl but we would never change it. Turbo Vinyl is crazy good!!! It’s super thin, it’s stretchy, and it won’t peel or crack. It’s actually like comparing a Ferrari to a Hyundai . Most of our competition use a 3rd quality vinyl that comes from China. That vinyl is garbage and will be super thick. It will crack. It will peel. It will be emabarrasing to wear. The other middle vinyl is just okay but it will peel and crack after a few washes. I can honestly tell you that we buy the Turbo Vinyl directly from The USA and our supplier has told us that we are the only Montreal shop he sells to. Once again: The Turbo Vinyl costs us 3 times more than the Chinese vinyl and almost double compared the 2nd quality vinyl. Our quality is the best when it comes to DTG and to Vinyl so no need to worry. If you choose another print shop you need to be careful.

How does it work? How long does it take?

Please provide us with your logo either by USB or by email. We accept PNG, Ai, JPEG, PSD and any other good quality file you have. If you can provide mockups, it is much appreciated, but not an obligation. 1-3 items are done in store in about 20-30 minutes. If you prefer to save time, we have a brand new website where you can now place your order. Once your order is ready, you can come pick it up! We also offer FREE shipping online! Please visit www.InstaCustomsWow.com for details.

What is the best file format to bring in for printing?

We prefer PNG, JPEG or an AI file, however, if your image is of a good enough resolution, we accept whatever you have wether it be PDF, EPS, etc. Please not that we do not accept Word documents as the quality isn't optimal!

Can I print a picture or my own artwork on a shirt?

Yes, you can. Simply bring in a high resolution image and we will print it, no matter the amount of colors! You can also place your order online here: www.InstaCustomsWow.com

What fonts can I pick from?

We have access to thousands of fonts. Before coming in for priting, please have a look through a font database (we love www.dafont.com ). Once you have chosen, please provide us with the name of the font and once you're on site, we will simply download it!

Are your prices only for 1 colour designs?

No! You can print 1 or 100 colours, and it will always be the same price. Unlike our competitors, we dot not charge a set up fee for printing!

What is the payment process?

You can pay by credit card at the bottom of this page, make an interac etransfer to service@instacustoms.com or pay by credit and debit in store. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH IN STORE AS A METHOD OF PAYMENT. To use our secure credit card payment online, you'll need is your 6 digit BDT number, which you can find on the top right corner of your invoice.

How do I place an order with multiple pieces?

Please send us your artwork, which items with the correct sizes and colours you would like your design to be printed on, and if possible, your mockup(s). Once we have that, we will provide you with an invoice payable by the methods above. Once paid, we start the process and in a short amount of time you will have your order ready!

Can I bring in my own clothing?

Yes you can! Please make sure that you provide us with cotton, polyester or a blend of these two fabrics to have the ultimate printing experience.

Can I order 1-3 items in advance and come pick it up at the store?

Sure! We have a brand new website where you can place your order and pick it up in store or have it delivered to you. Please visit www.InstaCustomsWow.com , it's easy, fun and convenient! Should you have any questions, we are here and happy to help, just send us an email or call us!

I was quoted a lower price somewhere else. Why?

It's all about the quality we offer and the speed of our service.
We only use the highest quality available for our products. Our printing materials are imported directly from Germany. Our Turbo vinyl doesn't crack, is thinner, stretchier and way, way more comfortable than traditional vinyl and, above all, will never crack or peel off. Other printing companies use vinyl from China, which is cheap, it cracks, it's very thick (a feel of plastic on the shirt) and never long lasting. In choosing InstaCustoms, you choose quality, speed and fantastic service!

Is InstaCustoms responsible for any shipping delays?

While we strive to offer the FASTEST and BEST service in the industry, InstaCustoms and InstaCustomsWOW are not, under any circumstances, responsible for any and all delays once the package has shipped. InstaCustoms and InstaCustomsWOW does not accept any responsability with shipping if there are any delays.

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Sara Stevens

I was in Montreal and needed some custom mugs printed at the very last minute. The staff from InstaCustoms was so Awesome! They helped me choose the designs and colours and had everything done in under 2 hours! All the mugs look even better than I had imagined! As it turned out I needed some replacements the next day and once again InstaCustoms was there. Printed and hand delivered in an hour!! Definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!

Naomi Medina

Hello InstaCustoms, I've always seen this store even when it wasn't renovated yet and it's a place I hoped to purchase in one day. Last week, I did and I'm very happy with how it turned out as well as the services there. Staff is very welcoming! I love the fact that their prices depends on the quantity purchased because in other stores it's expensive for nothing. I would highly recommend and go back here. Very satisfied!!

Oscar J. Acosta

Exceptional service with extremely savvy advice. Friendly and fast! What else could you ask for any promotional or not needs. Alison's advice was spot on and all the personnel goes out of its way to ensure that you have a positive experience. Thank you guys! Looking forward to keep on working with you!

Rosslon Ollivierre

There’s no comparison for same day printing services in Montreal. I’ve used this company on multiple occasions and been satisfied every time. Staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating and there’s a variety of items that can printed upon. Sure, it’s not as cheap as some other places but for the quality or the speed of service (literally 15 minutes), it’s worth it!

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