Frequently Asked Questions

We work with any type of file but PDF, AI, JPEG are great

No. You can email your file to

NO. Please email us your file and we will usually get back to you in less than 5-minutes

We try and save the client money by NOT digitizing the logo but if the logo is very detailed then we have no choice

It’s the process of having your logo programmed so that our embroidery software properly understands how to best stitch the logo onto your clothing

Yes you get to keep your DST File. Most embroidery places make you pay for the DST file but they do not give it to you.

Your stitching will not end up 100% accurate. You take responsibility for this

Yes. We can ship anywhere around the world

This all depends on the shipment location then the size and weight of the box

We accept credit cards, debit, etransfer, and cash

This is impossible to answer due to many variables but our vinyl material comes from France. It’s by far the best quality vinyl and for sure very long lasting

Nothing is forever but we can assure you that your prints will take a very long time before they deteriorate

This is impossible to answer. Too many variables. We will match your request with what we think is the best way to go about printing

We are super-fast. This is what we are known for. We are by far the fastest and best printers. Once we get paid we don’t waste 1-second in starting.

Yes we can as long as it’s possible.



If it’s our fault then we will re-do or correct your order. No refunds

We only use the highest quality materials. Most printers use 2nd or 3rd rate materials. Our reputation is amazing. We use the #1 quality materials



We only do touch ups or very simple changes to your artwork. We do not do logo designing or designing of your artwork